Recruitment Advertising

Monticello Media SPECIALIZES in radio recruitment marketing!

This under-utilized method of attracting better and stronger applicants is a proven way to far more efficiently fill job positions.  Monticello Media can help you craft an effective message and build a very affordable schedule that will work!

And we have a Recruitment Specialist!  Contact Mike Chiumento to discuss your recruitment campaign.

Advantages of Recruitment Advertising on Radio

  • Radio reaches passive job seekers; those who are already employed, but are open to new professional opportunities.  They aren’t actively looking at Want Ads.
  • Radio recruitment marketing can deliver higher quality applicants since you can entice currently employed people with a strong message about your job opening.
  • Radio allows you to communicate to a potential applicant’s “sphere of influence.”  Meaning people who know an active job seeker may hear your ad!
  • Radio allows your position message to stand out because it won’t be lost among many other similar “help wanted” messages.
  • Radio offers fast, change-on-the-fly flexibility.  Schedule or ad copy changes can be done quickly and easily.
  • 92% of Americans listen to the radio sometime during the week.  It is NOT a media in decline!
  • Radio can work with other media to reinforce and add strength to your existing recruitment campaign…ultimately increasing its effectiveness.