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The Secret to Retention, Thank You!

Hiring the right person can take time, money, and intuition but retention may be all about the appreciation.  According to a recent survey outlined in the article, Thank You! Gratitude Is the Best Retention Strategy, “60 percent of surveyed workers said they put the most value on being appreciated by management, and that appreciation plays a big role in employee satisfaction and retention.”

According to the survey, the employee’s job satisfaction seemed to be more tied to connection and relationship than to compensation or other traditional fringe benefits.  Harry West, VP of Services and Product Management at Appirio, the organization that conducted the survey, said, “Support and gratitude seem to be more motivating and cherished than any other form of reward”.


The Keys to Successful Onboarding

One of the recent trends and important buzzwords in the world of HR is “onboarding.”  As a member of the Board of Directors for the Charlottesville chapter of SHRM I can say unequivocally that it is a very hot topic!


Maren Hogan, who leads a marketing agency called Red Branch Media, recently shared some useful insights in an article in Forbes.  If you own or manage a business it’s a topic you really should be investing some time on.

How To Get Employee Onboarding Right