Telling the STORY of your Brand

Telling your story and how that story truly relates to customers from THEIR point of view is truly the quintessential element in successfully marketing your business.  And your story has nothing to do with your “friendly staff” or your “great prices” or your “convenient location.”

Your brand story is ultimately what people think and perceive about you when they hear your name or consider your business.  Deborah Shane of Small Biz Trends explains that your story “is a complete picture of the facts, feelings and interpretations, which are shared about your business by you, your customers, your community and the public in general.


She elaborates further by noting that to effectively convey your brand story you need to focus on the following:

1- Be simple & specific

2- Tap into emotions

3- Focus on your specific truth

4- Use first-hand real examples

5- Make it relatable

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